build a birdfeeder mute swan

Help Local Habitat ... Build a Bird Feeder from a Recycled Milk Carton

Putting up feeders attracts birds to a place where you can enjoy watching them, and makes sure they have enough food, especially in winter.

You will need:

  • A used paper milk carton, any size
  • Scissors
  • Strong twine (jute or sisal twine is best...and natural!)
  • Field guide to local birds (printed or online)
  • Birdseed for wild birds

Suggested time:

About 30 minutes to make one bird feeder


  • Ahead of time, wash out the milk carton.
  • Visit your nearest nature center or go online to research local birds that are likely to be attracted to feeders and learn what kinds of bird seed those birds prefer.
  • Using the guidelines given on the downloaded page, choose where to place your feeder, either on your school grounds (consult the custodian first) or somewhere near home.
  • To submit a photo of your child and their homemade feeder to be displayed on our online gallery, read the rules and accept the terms and conditions. Go to this link for more information.