Build a birdfeeder girl building a birdfeeder

Q:  Why should we re-use old milk cartons and make bird feeders?

A:  Reusing things we already used is good for the environment! It's called recycling. Old milk cartons are perfect because they come already waterproof, hence weather-proof! They are easy for kids of all ages to work with.


Q:  What kinds of birds will come to this type of feeder?

A:  Several different kinds of birds will come to your bird feeder, but it really depends on what kind of seed you put into your feeder. Birds that like to eat high up are more likely to come to it - not pigeons who are prone to eat food on the ground.


Q:  Will birds live in the feeders and make their nest in it?

 A:  No! This is a feeder but not a house. They will only poke their heads inside to grab some seed, then fly off to eat it.


Q:  How else can we help birds?

A:  There are many ways that you can help birds. Check out "Be A Friend to Birds" elsewhere in this section